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APECLIT (2004-05)
APEC Currents March 2004 (2004-03)
Environment & Labour under the FTA Mitchell Hooke (2004-03)
A 'Plus' Agreement: a Plus for Australia, 'WTO Plus' and a Plus for APEC Alan Oxley (2004-03)
Capitalising on more secure markets Stephen Strachan (2004-03)
Copyright [in the US FTA] Stephen Fox (2004-03)
Cultural Impacts Kim Dalton (2004-03)
Dairy In The US Free Trade Agreement Chris Phillips (2004-03)
Economic impacts from an Australia-United States Free Trade Trade Area Andy Stoeckel (2004-03)
Gaining from Investment Andrew Lumsden (2004-03)
Health impacts [of the US FTA] Philip Davies (2004-03)
Presentation [to Aust-US FTA Conference] Alison Terry (2004-03)
Rules of Origin in the Australia US FTA John Dunkley (2004-03)
The U.S. Government Procurement Market Robert Bugge (2004-03)
Tomorrow's Rules Today, not Yesterday's Rules Tomorrow Phil Scanlan (2004-03)
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement: Sorting fact from fiction Stephen Conroy (2004-03)
Rules of Origin in the Australia US FTA John Dunkley (2004-03)
The Consequences of Cancun---the WTO as Workhouse not Poorhouse Alan Oxley (2003-10)
Investor-state arbitration: Canada's experience in NAFTA and the case for its inclusion in the Australia-US FTA Rafael Pacquing (2003-10)
Investor Rights in an FTA: What Australia Can Learn from Canadian Experience with Chapter 11 Investor-State Arbitration in NAFTA Rafael Pacquing (2003-09)
APEC Currents September 2003 (2003-09)
European unilateralism: environmental trade barriers and the rising threat to prosperity through trade Kristen Osborne, Alan Oxley, Lisa Marty (2003-08)
Proceedings of the Symposium of Maritime Experts to Assist in Implementation of the Secure Trade in the APEC Region (Star) Initiative (2003-06)
APEC Currents June 2003 (2003-09)
APEC Currents February 2003 (2003-09)
APEC Currents November 2002 (2002-11)
Globalization and Australia (Power Point Presentation) Alan Oxley (2002-09)
An Australia-US Free Trade Agreement: interests, politics, and policy interests Henry Albinski (2002-08)
Managing agriculture in the US-Australia FTA Peter Gallager (2002-08)
Harmonisation and mutual recognition of product standards in Europe: what options for an Australia United States Free Trade Agreement? Kristen Osborne (2002-08)
APEC Currents August 2002 (2002-08)
Adding value to the WTO Alan Oxley (2002-08)
An Australia-United States FTA: technological change & regulatory approaches Henry Ergas (2002-08)
Improving US- Australia capital flows John Edwards (2002-08)
Effects of a Free Trade Agreement with the United States on Australia's multilateral and regional Interests Ross Garnaut (2002-08)
Australia as a capital exporter Ric Battelino (2002-08)
Facilitating free movement of people in an Australia-US FTA Peter Lloyd (2002-08)
An Australia-US Free Trade Agreement: balancing of regional and multilateral interests Greg Wood (2002-08)
The impact of an Australian-US Free Trade Agreement: the Labor perspective Craig Emerson (2002-08)
Chapter 11: Issues and opportunities: research paper on NAFTA Chapter 11 and its use for illuminationg debate on investment provisions of an Australian US FTA Stephen McMillan (2002-08)
Containing contingent protection Daniel Moulis (2002-08)
Free trade agreements in the era of globalisation: new instruments to advance new interests: the case of Australia Alan Oxley (2002-07)
A study of the trade and environment issue Kristen Osborne, Alan Oxley (2002-06)
APEC Currents May 2002 (2002-05)
Report on Activities 2001 and Program 2001 (2002-05)
The WTO Doha Development Round: the threat to international business of spread of environmental trade sanctions Alan Oxley (2002-02)
Restoring growth to the East Asian Region: the role of APEC finance ministers Ken Henry (2002-02)
The environmental threat to development in the Doha Round Alan Oxley (2002-01)
APEC Currents, November 2001 (2001-11)
The trade and environment debate: setting the scene Alan Oxley (2001-11)
WTO and the environment Alan Oxley (2001-11)
The Australia Japan economic relationship - the need to modernise a vital relationship Alan Oxley (2001-10)
APEC Currents, August 2001 (2001-08)
Bridging the digital divide: refocusing on a market based approach, an APEC perspective Patrick Xavier (2001-08)
Creating long-term confidence: a report on the first year of the managing regulatory change in life insurance and pensions program (2001-08)
Managing the relationship between MEA's and the WTO: addressing the real problem Alan Oxley (2001-07)
Keeping focused on Australia's interests Mark Vaile (2001-06)
Can Australian and US competition policy be harmonised? Brian Cassidy (2001-06)
Agriculture: the strategic issues Peter Gallager (2001-06)
The strategic setting: an American assessment John Higley (2001-06)
CER lessons Peter Lloyd (2001-06)
Infoeconomy issues: E-commerce law Moira Paterson (2001-06)
What the invasion of "McDonalds TV" means for Australia's media Stuart Simson (2001-06)
Implications for anti-dumping and countervailing Jeffrey Waincymer (2001-06)
Benefits of free trade area between Australia and the US in the context of developments in the new economy Patrick Xavier (2001-06)
E-commerce legal framework country report: China Meng Xia (2001-06)
E-commerce legal framework country report: Philippines Peter Lee U (2001-06)
E-commerce legal framework country report: Indonesia Sunu Rini (2001-06)
E-commerce legal framework country report: Vietnam (2001-06)
APEC Currents, May 2001 (2001-05)
APEC as a complex adaptive system: insights on the problem of multilateralism versus bilateralism from a new science Darby Higgs (2001-05)
APEC needs a wake up call more than trade liberalization Alan Oxley (2001-05)
An evaluation of the feasibility and desirability of the proposal for an Asian Monetary Fund Ben Ross (2001-04)
A complete guide to the regional trade agreements of the Asia-Pacific Tim Martyn, Phil Scanlan (2001-03)
Australian APEC Study Centre Report on Activities 2000 and Program 2001 (2001-03)
APEC Currents, February 2001 (2001-02)
APEC Currents, September 2000 (2000-09)
Trade, equity and development Peter Cook (2000-06)
APEC Currents, March 2000 (2000-03)
Review of Australia's General Tariff Arrangements Submission to the Productivity Commission Alan Oxley (2000-01)
New Exchange Rate Policies for Asia after the Crisis Christopher Walker (2000-01)
WTO dispute settlement: lessons learned from the salmon case Digby Gascoine (2000)
Services and development Alison Burrows (2000)
Globalisation and income inequality: an international perspective Ron Duncan (2000)
Ingo's lingo's dingo's and tringo's: trade, the WTO and the interest of the civil society Graham Dunkley (2000)
Managing global capital flows ?options for debtor countries Ross Buckley (2000)
Trade and labour rights: globalisation the current mode: a sophisticated form of madness Doug Cameron (2000)
WTO dispute settlement: managing the agenda after Seattle Joan Hird (2000)
WTO and Development: agriculture and development Allan McKinnon (2000)
Some ILO Activities in Countries in Transition to a Market Economy Phil Drew (2000)
Export specialisation and competitiveness of the Malaysian manufacturing: trends, challenges and prospects Amir Mahmood (2000)
Where is the SPS agreement going? John Landos (2000)
The Architecture of the WTO Peter Lloyd (2000)
New Zealand's Trade Policy Experience and the Millennium Round Chris Nixon (2000)
The Dynamics of Multilateral Agricultural Policy Reform Ivan Roberts (2000)
Trade and Labour Rights: A North-South Issue? Chris Nyland (2000)
The Labour and Trade Nexus Jagjit Plahe (2000)
Global Strategies to Improve Adherence to Core Labour Rights Alan Oxley (2000)
Global and regional regulatory challenges Alan Cameron (1999-11)
Applying the actuarial control cycle to life insurance and pension products David Knox (1999-11)
Multilateral agencies and regulatory changes in life insurance and pension systems - the World Bank perspective Rodney Lester (1999-11)
Regulatory arrangements relating to pensions and life insurance R Narasimhan (1999-11)
Alignment of interests of both insurance regulators and insurance companies Andy Penn (1999-11)
Enhancing life insurance regulatory regimes in Asia: regional symposium: program report and recommendations Peter Smedley (1999-11)
APEC Currents, August 1999 (1999-08)
The importance of the WTO negotiations to APEC and Australia's related national interests Alan Oxley (1999-05)
What Australian business wants from the WTO Millennium Round Brent Davis (1999)
Greening trade or trading the green : a heretical view of the trade/environment debate Graham Dunkley (1999)
Environment Ray Evans (1999)
Regionalism and multilateralism: what does the future hold? Tim Groser (1999)
Globalisation, labour issues and civil society in APEC Tim Harcourt (1999)
The future of trade and the environment and the new trade round Mitchell Hooke (1999)
Industry's approach to further multilateral trade negotiations in agriculture Mitchell Hooke (1999)
No representation without taxation: a sceptical look at the case for global civil society Aynsley Kellow (1999)
Winning in the global economy: Australia's trade policies for the new millennium: Monash APEC Lecture 1999 Kim Beazley (1999)
APEC - The next 10 Years Alan Oxley (1999)
Democracy and Free markets: Dinner Speech delivered in Melbourne on 26 November 1999 Anand Panyarachun (1999)
Multilateral agencies and regulatory changes in life insurance and pension systems Hin-yui Mok (1999)
In Search of World's Best Practice for Life Insurance Regulatory Systems Edward Sin (1999)
Emerging Global and Regional Factors - Implications for Regulation: an Australian Perspective Graeme Thompson (1999)
Australia's supervision of life insurance Craig Thornberg (1999)
Emerging Life Insurance Product Changes and Pension System Developments and Impact on Regulations Alan Wong (1999)
Global trade liberalisation: the next phase Alan Oxley (1998)
APEC's Sixth Leaders? Summit Meeting: implications for the strategic architecture of the Asian Hemisphere Paul Keating (1998)
Tradeable permits in transport Leo Dobes (1998)
Economic issues in emission trading Don Gunasekera (1998)
Implications of a carbon tax John Daley (1998)
Climate Change Kyoto Outcome Micheal Mugliston (1998)
Climate Change and the Environment - an Indian Perpective G Parthasarathy (1998)
The Scientific Impact Brian Tucker (1998)
The Political Economy of International Emissions Trading Aynsley Kellow (1998)
Global Emissions Trading: Prospects and Pitfalls Warwick J McKibbin (1998)
Transferable Quotas Ross Parish (1998)
Impacts of Kyoto on Australian Power Costs Alan Moran (1998)
Labour issues in APEC Tim Harcourt (1997)
The ecotech agenda - APEC's other side: will infrastructure be APEC's new orientation? Alan Oxley (1997)
The Australian press and the reporting of APEC: From Seoul to Osaka Colin Browning (1997)
APEC, the gains and losses for Australia Tas Luttrell (1997)
Meeting the need for better management skills: satisfying the demand for infrastructure in the APEC Region (1997)
The political economy of the FCCC: who wins, who loses Aynsley Kellow (1997)
The search for an explanation of the apparent lack of dramatic and damaging global warming Patrick Michaels (1997)
Can international tradeable carbon dioxide emission quotas work Peter Hartley (1997)
The economic impacts of uniform emission abatement Brian Fisher, Stephen Brown (1997)
The importance of national sovereignty Jeremy Rabkin (1997)
From poverty to prosperity: energy consumption and economic growth in the Asia Pacific region Tongroj Onchan (1997)
The role of satellite measurements John Christy (1997)
The IPCC: a view from the inside John Zillman (1997)
Policy implications of definitions and uncertainties in national greenhouse gas emission inventories Martin Manning (1997)
Some cautionary remarks about the precautionary principle Alston Chase (1997)
Trade restrictions as an international police power Alan Oxley (1997)
Problems of the global commons Richard Snape, Don Gunasekera (1997)
Remarks by United States Senator Chuck Hagel Chuck Hagel (1997)
The value of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement to Australian business: a strategic assessment Alan Oxley (1996-11)
Achieving effective trade liberalisation in APEC: the limitations of open regionalism Alan Oxley (1996-11)
Trade and environment issues and the interests of Asian Pacific economies Alan Oxley (1996-09)
Report on labour standards in the Asia-Pacific region:The Duffy Report Tripartite Working Party on Labour Standards Tripartite Working Party on Labour Standards (1996-02)
APEC: the benefits for Australian business Tim Fischer (1996)
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: economic and trade implications Alan Oxley (1996)
International trade and investment trends Karl Sauvant (1996)
Belaboured playing fields: labour standards, globalisation and new world orders Graham Dunkley (1996)
Globalisation and international business Robin Stewardson (1996)
The changing structure of world trade Bijit Bora (1996)
The impact of environmental issues on international trade Alan Oxley (1996)
Financing private infrastructure projects - Australian investment banks' experience David Lynch (1996)
Energy dynamics and sustainable development in the East-Asia Pacific Region Nicholas Grollman (1996)
Science and technology, collaboration and development among Asia Pacific economies T Turpin, H Spence (1996)
Product standards and their impact on international trade Drew Andison (1996)
APEC and SME policy: suggestions for an action agenda C Hall (1995)
Achieving the 2020 vision - The future of APEC and its impact on world and regional trade JL Woods (1995)

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